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100 Ben Browder Icons

pdxscaper has created 99 Ben Browder icons from every facet of his career. We are a community at browderondemand dedicated to promoting the talents of Ben Browder. Here are samples of PDXScaper's icons.

1. A Killer With 2. Farscape, Premiere 3. Nevada
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k, and you would post this in a NOMINATAION community why?
because it was pointed out to me that the community existed and PDX's icons deserve to be nominated. Why do you ask? Are you in charge? We were invited. You don't have to be so snotty. She is a very talented graphic artist who is working with us. Should we be accepted, these are legitimate entries.
Yes, I run this community. And to me, it looked like you just threw some icons in a post without looking to see what this community is about. There are categories that icons have to be nommed in. There's a format to follow, it's all in the rules of this community which we expect people to read before posting. Furthermore, if you did read the rules, you'd also see that you're only allowed to nominate the same person 2 times in a round and not 3. I wouldn't even know where to put these if I was doing the poll for voting.

So please excuse my attitude, it just REALLY annoys me when people don't read the rules or even scroll down a few posts to see what format should be followed.
Look, I read the rules. I'll withdraw the icons although they are beautiful. I followed the first rules that said that I must post three icons and then wait to be contacted so that I could post. I did what it said to do. If there were more arcane rules, I am sorry I did not understand them.

I am new to all this, so I will withdaw. Thanks for the attitude and lack of fun.
The icons ARE beautiful, I'm not arguing that point. But regardless, I think you're at the wrong place. We don't have ANYTHING in the rules that states you have to post 3 icons and wait to be contacted. This community is open to everyone, we don't have to contact anyone to nominate. But you have to do it in the correct format.


Please let me know where it says you have to post 3 icons and wait to be contacted for anything. You don't even have to withdraw, because I have NO clue what it is that you're talking about.